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Reception Frequently Asked Questions 

Indoor Reception F.A.Q.'s

Q: How many people does your inside banquet facility hold and how many should I invite?

A:  About 400 people can be comfortably be seated in our large banquet room and we suggest not inviting more than 415 people.

Q:  Is there a dance area?
A:  Yes, if you have less than 300 guests, you can dance in the banquet room. If you have more, the dance area is in the adjoining room. (Most receptions have their dance area in the adjoining room so your guests can talk in the banquet room without yelling to be heard.) Although both rooms are fully carpeted, a wooden dance floor can be rented through Scarlet Oaks.

Q:  Do we have to clean or set up anything?
A:  No. Scarlet Oaks will take care of all the clean-up and set-up unless you want to do your own decoration under certain circumstances some parties may require a clean-up charge.

Q:  Is there a room charge?
A:  No. 5 hours are included in the price of the package. After that time the fee is $150.00 per hour which is the minimum.

Q:  Do you use straight or round tables for our guests?
A:  All round tables are used for your guests except for the head table. In some cases straight eight foot tables may be used to make the room more comfortable for moving around.

Q:  Can we use designated seating?
A:  Yes. Scarlet Oaks will supply you with a floor plan which you must fill out and return 5 days prior to your reception. Scarlet Oaks will supply table numbers. A minimum of three quarters of your tables must be eight (8) people at each. Eight (8) is the maximum suggested at each table.

Q:  Can we take pictures?
A:  Yes. The front of the buildings is beautifully landscaped during the summer. However we DO NOT recommend going on the golf course for pictures.

Q:  Do you serve sodas?
A:  Yes. When your guests ask, we will be happy to get them any soda off of the soda fountain and they are available from when the reception begins till when it ends with no extra expense to you.

Q:  Can we have the room decorated?
A:  Yes. Do what ever you want as long as it does not damage the facility.

Q:  Do have an amplification system?
A:  Yes. The microphone is usually placed at the head of the room for all of the announcing which includes a cassette and CD player. If you wish to bring your own system, that is perfectly acceptable.

Q:  Can we smoke in the building?
A:  Sorry no. The county Department of Health does not allow smoking in any building. Your guests can only smoke outside the building.

Q:  What amount of deposit is required?
A:  A $500.00 deposit is required on Saturdays and Sundays. A $150.00 deposit is required on weekdays.

Q:  Is the deposit refundable?
A:  Only if you give us a 2 month notice is 100% of the deposit refunded. If less than 2 months notice is given, $50.00 is kept and the remainder is refunded if the date is rebooked. If the date is not rebooked the full amount is kept by Scarlet Oaks.

Q:  When is the balance due?
A:  One week prior to the banquet/reception.


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